Happy cashier (inventory program)
computer application

Serves For supermarket, wholesaler, Warehouse, Variety Store,
clothing store, pharmacies,coffee shop . . .

Specials in
multi user and different permissions
2 types paper for printing, roll pos or as letter size paper of 20 cm
letters, words, phrases customize their size, font, alignment
... ...
... ...

30 days to try

1. Download and installmsxml 6.0(win xp o inferior, win 7 and 10 do not need to install)

2. click here to download Happy cashier

Note that the configuration of the computer
decimal symbol is "."
symbol of separations of thousands is ","

Set Language for Non-Unicode Programs

restrante Felicidad chino
cll.21 #10-77
tels 3355500 - 3243229 - 3251456

Author: William Tan

wechat: j3145669

whatsApp: 301 3198 764